Here are some quick answers to the questions we always get asked...

Every case is different, so we need to visit the property in question to discuss a suitable fee structure and all other moving costs.  The only upfront cost is for an EPC, this cost can vary from £80-£140.

You will only pay your estate agent once you have completed on the sale. Your solicitor will settle the fee from the sale proceeds and all other costs and send you the remaining funds.

It's a rating of how energy efficient your property is and could be.

All seasons have pro's and con's, the best time to sell is when is right for you.

It's best for a Coopers consultant to visit you and advise you accordingly.

It's entirely up to you. Should you wish, a Coopers consultant can accompany every single viewing.

Always try and appoint a local solicitor at the same time as placing your property on to the open market, this will save you time once we have found you a buyer.
You only pay stamp duty on your purchase.
Purchase Price (£) Standard Rate Buy-to-let/second home rate
0 – 125,000 0% 3%
125,001 - 250,000 2% 5%
250,001 - 925,000 5% 8%
925,001 - 1.5m 10% 13%
1.5m + 12% 15%
This can vary depending on the above and below chain, but on average 2-3 months.
It's when the sale is legally binding and a completion date has been set.

This is the day that all parties have agreed to move on and money is sent via the solicitors.

If there is anything else you need to know, give our team a ring on  01895 625 625